Our Vision

We support that the creative synergy of art and technology can challenge our perception resulting in new aesthetics, new styles, and further expand the boundaries of art. We passionately believe that digital art can change the world we live in.’’


Our mission is to greatly empower the next generation of digital creatives and to facilitate art enthusiasts who wish to elevate their space with extraordinary digital art conceptions.

Our Story

We are a small team of friends led by technology. Deeply fascinated by the world of art and by exploring design softwares for the needs of our daily work projects we noticed an increasing number of breakthrough digital artists appeared everywhere in the world.  Alongside, we noticed that most of these artists had some difficulties to promote themselves and organize the technical issues from shipping to order fulfillment. After extensive research we confirm our hypothesis and Aretheart was born. A platform that connects like-minded art initiators with an audience and a network of print studios throughout the globe by showcasing and offering a curated catalog of gallery-grade digital art prints because we believe that everyone deserves the best artworks of the new era of art.”